Attention all movie and comedy lovers (basically the entire internet). Join life long friends and hosts Mac, Jay, and Googs for their in-depth movie reviews and all around humorous banter each week. These podcasters make up the film review group known to the world aka family and friends (don’t judge) as the Philmaniacs. No franchise or movie is too large, too obscure, or just plain too awful for these guys to watch. You will find that each host brings their own unique opinion that cannot be missed or (in some cases) argued. Movie reviews not enough? Well I’m glad you didn’t ask because each movie review is followed up with a Funcast where fans can get a taste for what the Philmaniacs normal conversations sound like. Just one listen and you will be addicted like _(insert sin of choice here). What separates them and their podcast from the other million out there…well you are just going to have to listen to them for yourself to find out. I mean c’mon here what’s another podcast subscription to you? There is always room for one more, you must have some free time somewhere or a job, girlfriend, gym routine, etc to ignore? What are you waiting for? You could be listening already! Now stop reading this and listen to the show. Really?! Are you still reading this?! I told you to stop it already now quit it and enjoy. We’re done here :-).