010-The Purge: Election Year (2016)

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Frank Grillo is back in this third installment (and hopefully the last for some of our hosts) of The Purge series! This time Leo Barnes (who according to this film’s time jump is now a senior citizen) is spending the night protecting a Senator who is trying to become president to eliminate The Purge night altogether. We decided to take the bullet and review the movie just in case you weren’t already sick of the real-life election circus on CNN. Now you get to listen to the Philmaniacs try not to have a politically bent podcast about a politically bent movie. Lucky you! So get yourself a tumbleweed looking wig or a wildly over expensive pantsuit, because this podcast is gonna’ get topical!


Funcast 009-Dr. Funder

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It’s sad to say but we live in a world where the price of our groceries increases each year. Because of this we need to find suitable substitutes for the name brands that we love. So instead of Fruit Loops we choose the lessor Loopy Fruits or instead of buying Trix we get the knock-off Pranks. As always these charlatan products are mere shadows of the name brand, but fortunately this is not the case with Dr. Thunder. Listen to the Philmaniacs as they try desperately to get some sponsorship from Walmart. Also a special treat taken from an older random recording, Bane and Batman traveling to Chic-fil-A for some delicious chicken! Please be kind to us as this little skit was completely improvised and was just a spur of the moment kinda thing. Enjoy!



009-The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

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One year after the release of the successful first Purge film a second one was already out in theaters with an entirely new cast and one returning character. This time Purge night is only hours away and low and behold your car has become more useless than one of James Sandin’s security systems. Now you’re stranded. What do you do? Well scared citizen that’s when you call Frank Grillo to save the day. Then you too can feel safe and sound trailing behind Sergeant Leo Barnes gentleman mohawk as he leads you through terrifying and turbulent streets. Listen to find out what our hosts think about all the “Anarchy” in the Purge’s second installment. Call in the next 10 minutes and get this one time special offer of the patented Frank Grillo Grill Set delivered by the man himself! (accessories sold separately)


Funcast 008-Philly No Fun Tax

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Hot off the presses…er uh Mac’s computer a newly recorded Funcast! This time the Philmaniacs tackle the important issues facing our community today from handling stray dogs, to weighing in on the Philly soda (sugar) tax, and discussing the stomach filling efficacy of the Baconator vs the Son of Baconator (which leads to talk of Mac and Jay’s eating problems). Because of course why wouldn’t you get your “well-informed” opinions from a bunch of schmoes sitting on a couch. Watch your back CNN!


008-The Purge (2013)

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The Philmaniacs are back in the saddle, or more appropriately the couch again with a special treat for those who are still downloading/subscribed to our show! We thought after the long hiatus we’d give you guys a taste of what we sounded like on our very first recording. So coming to you courtesy of an iPhone on a dinner tray previously adorned with pizza. The Philmaniacs present their movie review of the cult hit, The Purge starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey. We hope you all enjoy as we start this series that will end with our review of the new movie The Purge: Election Year coming out this July! (and will probably continue every 2 years until the series is no longer profitable)


Funcast: Episode VII-“The Force Awakens A New Hope” (SPOILERS)

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A not so long time ago in a galaxy so close it’s actually ours… Another special edition Funcast but this time it’s our hosts giving a mini review of Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens! A happy accident that it was our 7th Funcast, guess it was meant to be. Please beware of the MASSIVE SPOILERS in this show. The Philmaniacs originally agreed privately to not review this film but due to the hosts’ differing opinions and very strong view points they decided to attempt to battle it out on a podcast for your amusement of course. We strongly advise you to add to the billions of dollars this film has already made and see it in theaters before you listen to this episode. Who liked it? Who hated it? Who was meh? Listen now to find out!


007-Jingle All the Way (1996)

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Every kid growing up has a movie they latch on to that instills in them the spirit of Christmas. For us Jingle All the Way starring our man Arnie is one of our absolute favorites. In this cast Mac, Jay, and Googs bring the yuletide cheer as they talk about the hilarious hijinks of Conan the Barbarian as he enters into a quest against all odds. Fighting against a mailman and a suburban playboy to find a plastic doll most likely too large for “Chamie” to even play with. We hope you enjoy this lively and merry unintentional “R-rated” review of this children’s holiday classic. (Show note: we understand it is after the Holidays but we wanted to give you one last present-“You got two! Two Holiday podcasts!”)


Funcast 006-Bad Boomer

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Let’s travel back in time with our hosts and listen to one of their first ever Funcasts which was recorded over a year ago! They were holding on to this one for sometime. In this episode we learn exactly what it means to be a “bad boomer”, where Jay’s bar snobbiness stems from along with his bowel problems (TMI we know), and the most Mac has ever eaten in one sitting and survived. Also the hosts recall some of their funniest drunk stories including one of Googs hiding in a bathroom stall that cannot be missed. All this and much much more, we hope you have as much  fun listening to this as we did recording it!


006-Krampus (2015)

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It’s Christmas Eve and the family has settled in for the night. The winter wind blows softly around your house with a low whistle and the embers of your once roaring fire slowly darken like eyes succumbing to sleep. The creaks of the house whine as if it’s gently breathing while snow cascades to the ground outside your window. You’ll meet your family tomorrow and exchange gifts, eat wonderfully cooked food, and laugh the night through. But the dissonant jingle of bells breaks your thoughts. You reach out with your ears you and hear the ominous creaking of the roof as it gives way to a weight, a weight that should not be there. A black chill rolls down your back when the tapping of a chain rattles against the walls of the chimney as it’s lowered towards the once lit hearth. You should’ve kept the fire hot. Here it is the long awaited Krampus podcast! Teeheehee!


Funcast 005-Krampus Preview

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How about some multiculturalism kids? It turns out this Krampus guy is a big deal over there in Europe, but don’t be sad we’ve gone and saved you from a lengthy Wikipedia search. Listen as Jay and Googs take the initiative and fill you in on the origins of Krampus and his special annual celebration for our upcoming podcast on the new Krampus movie in theaters now. We guarantee you’ll walk away with a better understanding of this lesser known monster of legend. And you’ll know that those clanging chains and jingle bells you keep hearing from your roof mean that you have been naughty this year. (Show note: due to an illness Mac had to sit this one out but he will be back for our Krampus movie review)