009-The Purge: Anarchy (2014)

One year after the release of the successful first Purge film a second one was already out in theaters with an entirely new cast and one returning character. This time Purge night is only hours away and low and behold your car has become more useless than one of James Sandin’s security systems. Now you’re stranded. What do you do? Well scared citizen that’s when you call Frank Grillo to save the day. Then you too can feel safe and sound trailing behind Sergeant Leo Barnes gentleman mohawk as he leads you through terrifying and turbulent streets. Listen to find out what our hosts think about all the “Anarchy” in the Purge’s second installment. Call in the next 10 minutes and get this one time special offer of the patented Frank Grillo Grill Set delivered by the man himself! (accessories sold separately)