Funcast: Episode VII-“The Force Awakens A New Hope” (SPOILERS)

A not so long time ago in a galaxy so close it’s actually ours… Another special edition Funcast but this time it’s our hosts giving a mini review of Star Wars: Episode VII-The Force Awakens! A happy accident that it was our 7th Funcast, guess it was meant to be. Please beware of the MASSIVE SPOILERS in this show. The Philmaniacs originally agreed privately to not review this film but due to the hosts’ differing opinions and very strong view points they decided to attempt to battle it out on a podcast for your amusement of course. We strongly advise you to add to the billions of dollars this film has already made and see it in theaters before you listen to this episode. Who liked it? Who hated it? Who was meh? Listen now to find out!