006-Krampus (2015)

It’s Christmas Eve and the family has settled in for the night. The winter wind blows softly around your house with a low whistle and the embers of your once roaring fire slowly darken like eyes succumbing to sleep. The creaks of the house whine as if it’s gently breathing while snow cascades to the ground outside your window. You’ll meet your family tomorrow and exchange gifts, eat wonderfully cooked food, and laugh the night through. But the dissonant jingle of bells breaks your thoughts. You reach out with your ears you and hear the ominous creaking of the roof as it gives way to a weight, a weight that should not be there. A black chill rolls down your back when the tapping of a chain rattles against the walls of the chimney as it’s lowered towards the once lit hearth. You should’ve kept the fire hot. Here it is the long awaited Krampus podcast! Teeheehee!